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Inventory Management
Dillon Supply has a wide array of Inventory Management Solutions specifically tailored to help our customers control inventory, streamline purchasing and maximize cost savings. Our team works with your company to provide a customized program that meets your specific needs and goals.
Some of the main tools we use to serve you are featured below. Contact your local Dillon Supply branch for more information.
Consigned Inventory
Vendor Managed Inventory
Allow Dillon to keep your inventory on our books! We work together to determine which of your high-moving items can be placed on consignment. Dillon owns those items until they are used by your company, and billing is done based on usage reports.
Your Dillon account rep will help you create a purchasing schedule for your facility. The Dillon rep will inventory and replenish the stock you count on for your business. Bar-coding systems can be implemented to help track usage and provide reports.
Storeroom Management
Vending is a one-stop solution to a number of issues. Vending virtually eliminates stock-out situations. It is also an excellent way to control and decrease consumption by significant percentages. Have 24/7 access to critical stock items while also providing you with the same access to reporting.
Dillon is currently providing storeroom management as a solution. Storeroom managament involves a Dillon employee operating a customer's storeroom for up to 40 hours a week, dependent upon a schedule that is agreed upon by both parties.
(GSA) Government Solutions
Dillon participates as a part of the GSA program through supplyFORCE. supplyFORCE offers over 12,000 SKU's on their GSA schedule. These items are available through the GSA website, GSA Advantage.
We are an owner member of supplyFORCE, a national MRO commodity management and procurement services company. Through supplyFORCE, large industrial customers with national presence are given an opportunity to negotiate contractual agreements that best utilize their purchasing power.