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Product Returns/Cancellations

Buyer shall inspect and examine all Products upon delivery thereof, and such Products shall be deemed accepted by Buyer unless Seller receives a written notice specifically describing the purported defect or nonconformity within fifteen (15) days of delivery. Failure to provide such written notice within such time period shall be deemed an unqualified acceptance and waiver of any rights to return the Products. Contact your DSC representative for instructions relating to product returns or other claims. Returns require a DSC return goods authorization (“RGA”). Proof of purchase will be required. Returns may be subject to a restocking fee. All requests for an RGA or any other claims relating to material shipped must be made within 30 days from the date of product shipment.

Seller shall have the right to cancel or terminate any unfulfilled order or any part thereof in the event Buyer (a) threatens or files a petition for voluntary bankruptcy, (b) is threatened with or has filed against it a petition for involuntary bankruptcy, (c) has appointed on its behalf a receiver or trustee, (d) executes an assignment for the benefits of creditors, or (e) otherwise breaches these Terms and Conditions.

For standard, stock items, Buyer may terminate without charge any unfulfilled order at its convenience by written notice to Seller received and processed by Seller prior to shipment. For all other items, Buyer may only terminate any unfulfilled order at its convenience by written notice to Seller received and processed by Seller prior to shipment, but Buyer agrees to pay a restocking fee equal to the greater of twenty five percent (25%) of the Product purchase price or Seller’s costs and expenses (whether direct or indirect, general or administrative) incurred in performing and preparing to perform this agreement, and terminating the same, up to the full purchase price (e.g., if Seller is unable to return the Product to the manufacturer). Buyer is responsible in full for all process metal items once processing has begun. If the restocking fee remains due and owing more than thirty (30) days after Seller’s notification of the same, Buyer agrees to pay, all costs and expenses of collection, including but not limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees. If requested, Seller will inform Buyer whether an order contains standard, stock items only.