AI Thermal Body Temperature Monitoring System


A complete one-stop face recognition and thermal body temperature monitoring system.  Using AI and algorithms the unit can determine if someone is wearing a mask or not, and if they have a fever.  Excellent for use in warehouses, manufacturers, retailers, public transit and office buildings. 

  • Non-contact, enables social distancing
  • Automatic, accurate & rapid measurement
  • Simple assembling and easy to use
  • Affordable, significantly lower price

System includes:  

  • Camera
  • Touch-screen smart terminal
  • Bracket stand

How it works:

  • Face Capture:  The camera takes an image and transmits it to the Smart Terminal.  The AI algorithm of the Smart Terminal analyzes the image and locates the face.
  • Temperature Measurement: The AI algorithm analyzes the position and size of the face in the image and sends the location data to the thermal camera.  The thermal camera then calculates the temperature for the area and sends it back to the Smart Terminal.  The Smart Terminal then calculates the actual temperature of the face using an algorithm.
  • Face & Mask Recognition:  The Smart Terminal also can determine whether someone is wearing a mask using an AI algorithm.  If no mask is detected, the Smart Terminal can search face information in the face database and show the recognition result.  If a mask is detected, the Smart Terminal will exclude the mask area when calculating the face temperature.

More Features:

  • High accuracy, calculates temperature with an accuracy of +/-0.3°C(0.54°F).
  • Works at a distance of 3.8m (12.4') away, and can detect up to 10 people at the same time, and show results within 0.5 seconds.
  • Intelligent face recognition technology improves accuracy, and can recognize human faces even wearing hats, masks or glasses, and prevents interference from hot objects like hot water or lighters.
  • Simple assembly - everything is integrated and preset, no external blackbody, computer, or server is needed, just assemble and use it.
  • High temperature alerts can sound an alarm or can even send you notifications via email.
  • Record & statistical analysis - the data is also recorded and uploaded to the management system for further statistical analysis.  The system includes 16G of storage and exports external USB.
  • Customizable settings allow face recognition to be turned off, but still allow for temperature readings.