3M™ 051131-07008 Coalescing Filter, For Use With Compressed Air Filter and W-2806 Regulating Panels, Gray

05862644 MFG #: 051131-07008
3M™ Coalescing Filter, For Use With: Compressed Air Filter and W-2806 Regulating Panels, Specifications: 100/50 cfm Air Flow, 99.97 % Efficiency, 32 to 130 deg F Temperature Range, Gray
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• Filter has a maximum airflow of 50 cfm at 150 psi
• Temperature range is from 32 to 130 deg F
• Filter efficiency is 99.97% with the 3M™ high efficiency filter element W-3013-4
• With this filter, aerosols are filtered, combined into larger droplets and collected at the bottom of the bowl where an automatic float drain removes them from the housing
• Used where the concentration of liquid aerosols in compressed air are greater than what can be filtered by the 3M™ compressed air filter and W-2806 regulating panel alone