3M™ Air-Mate™ 051131-98703 High Efficiency Powered Air Purifying Respirator System, HEPA Filters and Cartridges, Rechargeable Ni-Cd Battery

05861645 MFG #: 051131-98703
3M™ Air-Mate™ Powered Air Purifying Respirator System, High Efficiency, HEPA Filters and Cartridges, Belt Mounting, Rechargeable Ni-Cd Battery, Vinyl, Gray
  • Provide respiratory
  • Air purifying respir
  • Filters are high eff
  • The head cover gives
  • Can be worn with lim
  • Battery can be charg
  • Motorized systems po
  • Blower unit can be m
  • Constant flow of air
  • Loose fitting headge
  • 8 hours battery life
• Provide respiratory protection for decontamination, such as health care isolation wards and first receiver locations
• Air purifying respirator has a blower, filter and battery into a compact and light weight belt-mounted unit for respiratory protection against airborne particulates
• Filters are high efficiency and used extensively in pharmaceutical, hospital and public health applications
• The head cover gives the user a wide field of vision and directs positive airflow into the breathing zone
• Can be worn with limited facial hair and glasses
• Battery can be charged either within unit or externally for up to eight hours of battery service per charge
• Motorized systems powered by a battery pack which draw air through a filter or cartridge to provide respiratory protection to the wearer
• Blower unit can be mounted on the waist, face, or head, depending on the system selected
• Constant flow of air can provide cooling for the worker, resulting in greater comfort for the wearer
• Loose fitting headgear options provide respiratory protection without the need for a tight faceseal or fit testing
• 8 hours battery life