Accuform® THS601PTP Hazardous Material Tag, 3/8 in Hole, RP-Plastic

Accuform® Hazardous Material Tag, HMCIS/TARGET ORGANS Legend, RP-Plastic, 3/8 in, Metal Grommet
  • High strength, 15 mi
  • Resists chemicals, t
  • Mar-resistant, matte
  • Top has 3/8 dura vin
  • Attach tags to hazar
• High strength, 15 mil rigid plastic tag for use dura vinyl tough industrial environments
• Resists chemicals, tears, and abrasions
• Mar-resistant, matte surface is easy to write on with pen or marker
• Top has 3/8 dura vinyl hole reinforced with metal grommet
• Attach tags to hazardous material containers that are difficult to label with adhesive marking