Merit® Abrasotex™ 08834144459 MMI-2010 Non-Woven Flap Wheel, 2 in Dia, 1 in W Face, 1/4 in Dia Shank, 320 Grit, Very Fine Grade, Aluminum Oxide Abrasive

MER 08834144459 MFG #: 08834144459
Merit® Abrasotex™ Flap Wheel, Non-Woven, Series: MMI-2010, 2 in Wheel Diameter, 1 in Face Width, 1/4 in Shank Diameter, 320 Grit, Very Fine Grade, Aluminum Oxide Abrasive, 12000 rpm Maximum, Abrasive Cloth Backing, X-Weight Backing Weight, Yes Interleaf, Shank Attachment
  • X-Weight abrasive cl
  • Produces a finer fin
  • Eliminates chatter a
  • Abrasive type coated
• X-Weight abrasive cloth flaps are Interleaved with Abrasotex for a softer and more flexible wheel
• Produces a finer finish than regular flap wheels
• Eliminates chatter at slow speeds
• Abrasive type coated