Miller® by Honeywell MFL-11/6FT TurboLite™ Personal Fall Limiter With Twist-Lock Carabiner and Locking Snap Hook, 400 lb Load Capacity, 6 ft L, Specifications Met: ANSI A10.32

05823685 MFG #: MFL-11/6FT
Miller® by Honeywell Personal Fall Limiter, Series: TurboLite™, 400 lb Load, 6 ft Length, Polyester/Vectran™ Web Line, Aluminum Hook/High Impact Nylon Housing/Stainless Steel Mechanism/Co-Polymer Hub Hardware, Red, 3000 lb Tensile Strength, Specifications Met: ANSI A10.32
  • Aluminum twist-lock
  • Reduces fall clearan
  • Extremely compact an
  • Attaches directly to
  • High impact nylon ho
  • Integral swivel prev
  • Rated for up to a 40
  • Twin models availabl
  • Shock absorbing engi
  • 1 in wide x 0.06 in
  • Provides the same wo
  • Ideal replacement fo
• Aluminum twist-lock carabiner unit connector and aluminum locking snap hook lanyard end connector
• Reduces fall clearance requirements
• Extremely compact and light weight, comparable to a shock absorbing lanyard
• Attaches directly to the back D-ring of a harness for increased mobility
• High impact nylon housing and abrasion resistant webbing provide long service life
• Integral swivel prevents lifeline from twisting
• Rated for up to a 400 lb worker
• Twin models available for 100% tie-off
• Shock absorbing engineered co-polymer hub
• 1 in wide x 0.06 in Thk webbing
• Provides the same working capacity as a traditional shock absorbing lanyard while instantly arresting a free fall within inches rather than the 3-1/2 ft needed for lanyards
• Ideal replacement for a 6 ft shock absorbing lanyard