Sprayon® S00621000 LU™621 Extreme Pressure Anti-Seize Compound, 16 oz Aerosol Can, Aerosol, White, 0.75

03900257 MFG #: S00621000
Sprayon® Anti-Seize Compound, Extreme Pressure, Series: LU™621, Aerosol Can, 16 oz, 15 oz Net Weight, Synthetic Base, Composition: Light Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Solvent, Propane, Butane, Light Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Solvent, Methyl Cyclohexane, Tetrafluoroethene Polymer, Titanium Dioxide, Aerosol, White, Sweet, 1800 deg F, 0.75 Specific Gravity, -20.2 deg F Flash, 0.64 VOC, <20.5 cSt Viscosity, Flammability: 3, Food/Military Grade
  • Water and steam resi
  • Superior leak proof
  • Anti-seize is a prem
  • Provide a superior l
  • Compatible with alum
• Water and steam resistant
• Superior leak proof seal
• Anti-seize is a premium, synthetic, food grade, non-drying thread sealant and anti-seize compound formulated with a balanced blend of PTFE and other lubricating solids
• Provide a superior leak proof seal for the life of the connection while at the same time maintaining its anti-seize capabilities, allowing for easy disassembly without thread damage
• Compatible with aluminum, brass, copper, iron, plastic, PVC, rubber and steel