Sprayon® S020848LQ Liqui-Sol™ EL™848L Heavy Duty Electrical Degreaser, 14 oz Aerosol Can, Liquid, Clear, Mild Solvent

03900196 MFG #: S020848LQ
Sprayon® Electrical Degreaser, Heavy Duty, Series: Liqui-Sol™ EL™848L, 14 oz, Aerosol Can, 14 fl-oz Net Weight, Liquid, Clear, Mild Solvent, 0.01 VOC, 1.46 Specific Gravity, Composition: Trichloroethylene
  • Electrical degreaser
  • Increases the life o
  • Refill component for
  • 37000 v dielectric s
  • 2,0,0 HMIS rating
  • Semi-solid film type
  • Chlorinated, non-fla
  • Can be used on equip
  • >199.9 deg f closed
  • <7 cst viscosity
• Electrical degreaser aerosol is non-flammable, fast evaporating cleaner penetrates instantly to remove dirt, oil, grease and wax
• Increases the life of electrical components by removing foreign materials that can cause costly downtime
• Refill component for the Sprayon® EL848L electrical degreaser (flash Free™) non-aerosol spray (Liqui-Sol™), part of the Liqui-Sol™ non-aerosol spray program which uses no flammable propellants and is reusable and 100% recyclable
• 37000 v dielectric strength
• 2,0,0 HMIS rating
• Semi-solid film type
• Chlorinated, non-flammable, non-ozone-depleting, non-corrosive
• Can be used on equipment that is energized (operational)
• >199.9 deg f closed cup flash point
• <7 cst viscosity