Sprayon® SP™857 Blast 'em™ Wasp and Hornet Killer With Accu-Sol™ Ergonomic Trigger Spray Nozzle, 20 oz Aerosol Can, Liquid, Clear

03901650 MFG #: S03085700
Sprayon® Wasp and Hornet Killer, Series: SP™857 Blast 'em™, Aerosol Can, 20 oz, Composition: Aliphatic Solvent, 2-Propanol, Permethrin, Liquid, Clear
  • Perfect for killing
  • Contains a high amou
  • Will not harm most p
  • 98% knockdown, 100%
  • 20 ft spray distance
  • 14 oz net weight
• Perfect for killing wasps, hornets, yellow jackets without getting close to the insects
• Contains a high amount of petroleum distillates for the best knockdown and kill rate
• Will not harm most plastics including noryl abs and lexan
• 98% knockdown, 100% kill within 24 hr
• 20 ft spray distance
• 14 oz net weight