Starrett® 457A Diemakers Square With Straight Blade, 1-5/8 in L x 5/32 in W x 1/16 in THK, 32nds - 64ths Graduation, 0 to 10 deg, 2-1/16 in Tongue, Steel

30002693 MFG #: 457A
Starrett® Diemakers Square, Series: 457, 1-5/8 in L x 5/32 in W x 1/16 in THK, Graduations: 32nds - 64ths, 0 to 10 deg Measuring Angle, Measuring System: Imperial, 2-1/16 in Tongue, 5/8 in Width, 11/32 in Thickness, Steel
  • The beam is beveled
  • Blades and beams are
  • It is also very hand
  • The beam of this squ
  • Blades can be set fo
  • Graduated blade, 32n
• The beam is beveled adjacent to the blade so that the blade is readily visible when checking in holes, slots, etc
• Blades and beams are hardened and ground
• It is also very handy for patternmakers to check angles and drafts on patterns
• The beam of this square is graduated to show the setting in degrees of the blades
• Blades can be set for any angle upto 10 deg, either side of 0 deg and the angle is indicated by the line on the pointer
• Graduated blade, 32nds of an inch on one side and 64ths on other, it is 5/32 in wide over a length of 1-5/8 in and cut away at one end to a width of 3/32 in