Superior Graphite® SLIP Plate® #3 45537 Dry Lubricant, 5 gal Pail, Liquid, Dark Gray, 0.93

03989971 MFG #: 45537
Superior Graphite® SLIP Plate® #3 Dry Lubricant, Pail, 5 gal, 48 lb Net Weight, Composition: Graphite, Toluene, Quartz, Liquid, Dark Gray, Naphtha, 0.93 Specific Gravity, 18 deg F Flash, Flammability: 0.9% Lower/7% Upper
  • Fast drying, graphit
  • Can be sprayed using
  • Reduces wear, and sl
  • Will not attract and
  • Slip Plate® no 3 pro
• Fast drying, graphite film coating
• Can be sprayed using conventional spray equipment
• Reduces wear, and sliding friction problems
• Will not attract and trap dust, dirt or grit. extreme temperature environments do not affect performance
• Slip Plate® no 3 provides lasting protection from rain, snow, and mud, helping to reduce the development of rust and corrosion