Superior Graphite® SLIP Plate® Superflake™ 45593 Cold Oven Chain Lubricant, 5 gal Pail, Liquid, Black/Gray, 0.91300000000000003

03989988 MFG #: 45593
Superior Graphite® SLIP Plate® Superflake™ Cold Oven Chain Lubricant, Pail, 5 gal, 39.2 lb Net Weight, Composition: Graphite, Quartz, Liquid, Black/Gray, 0.913 Specific Gravity, 148 deg F Flash, Flammability: 0.7% Lower/7% Upper
  • A unique, natural gr
  • Light oil based susp
  • Unique binder system
  • Prolongs the life of
• A unique, natural graphite that offers superior lubricity to chain pins and bushings under extreme conditions
• Light oil based suspension effectively carries graphite
• Unique binder system creates a very durable bond
• Prolongs the life of chain while reducing noise