Dedicated to Women in Construction

Women in Construction


This month we would like to honor these dedicated women, striving to make a difference as vital components of a very demanding industry.

Throughout history the many misconceptions about gender-specific roles in the industry are diminishing with an increasing number of women choosing a career in construction and engineering.


WE HAD THE HONOR recently, in talking with Shelia Herman of The Roberts Company. We are thankful for her giving her thoughts on her experiences over the years working in the construction industry.

What are the advantages of being a woman in construction?

None really, they expect the same for a woman as they do for men in the same craft. 

What advice would you give to a young woman entering the industry?

Study hard, pay close attention to what they are teaching you, never give up and always give 110 percent. 

What’s the best part of your job?

My co workers, the people you meet while working over the road become your family. 

How do you think construction can attract more female candidates?

Simple- just give them a chance. Let us show you what we can do. 

What’s makes you proud of working in the construction industry?

I am proud to go to a job and work with the people that make it enjoyable while enjoying what I do, proud that as a woman I have the opportunity to work in a field that has always been defined as a man’s world. 

What do you think is the most important change happening in the construction industry?

Technology, operating management and efficiency. 

WE STRIVE TO PROVIDE YOU THE BEST SERVICE. No matter what role our employees play, they are hard at work for you. Get to know a few of our experts.

Dawn Bouckaert

I joined Dillon 3 years ago as the branch manager in our Winston Salem location. This month I am excited to join our Key Account Team.

As a prior customer of Dillon Supply myself, I UNDERSTAND the pressures & difficulties you experience AND SUPPORT you need.

I am happy to provide an extra layer of support and service to you and all of our teams. I work closely with our product managers and vendors to provide solutions to make your teams safer.
I can help you achieve your goals in an industry where every woman before me, has worked to provide the opportunities that have been afforded me.

Allow me to show my commitment to do the same. 

Brenda White

I have been with the Safety Team for 22 years at Dillon and Safety Product Manager for 18 years. Safety is my #1 priority.

I am responsible for working with our key suppliers to assure we are OFFERING THE BEST PPE at competitive pricing.

Our goal is to offer guidance/products that allow the employee to work safely, productively, and economically. We welcome the opportunity to help you keep your employees safe on the job!"

Lynn Morgan

I started working for Dillon Supply 22 years ago in the Winston Salem branch.

THE BEST ASPECT OF MY JOB: I still learn something new everyday!

How can I EARN your business? Tell me what matters most to you from a supplier so I can make your job easier. "


Moments in History: Women in Construction

Women in Construction Week
MARCH 5–11, 2023


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