Norton® No-Fil® Multi-Air® Cyclonic® 77696007791 A975 Hook and Loop Disc, 5 in Dia, P600 Grit, Ultra Fine Grade, Ceramic Alumina Abrasive, Latex Paper Backing

15607791 MFG #: 77696007791
  • Type: Lightweight Vacuum
  • Series: A975
  • Disc Diameter: 5
  • Grit: P600
  • Grade: Ultra Fine
  • Abrasive Material: Ceramic Alumina, Ceramic Aluminum Oxide
  • Backing Material: B/C-Weight Paper, Latex Paper
  • Backing Weight: B-Weight
  • Number of Vacuum Holes: 244
  • Applicable Materials: Primed, Painted Surfaces, Fiberglass, Composites, Gelcoats, Wood, Metal, Body Fillers, Compounds and Plastic
  • Arbor/Shank Size: 11/16
  • Attachment Type: Hook and Loop
  • Diameter: 5
  • Grit/Grade: P600/Very Fine
  • Number of Holes: Multi-Hole
Norton® No-Fil® Multi-Air® Cyclonic® Hook and Loop Disc, Series: A975, 5 in Diameter Disc, P600 Grit, Ultra Fine Grade, Ceramic Alumina Abrasive, Latex Paper Backing, B-Weight Backing Weight, 244 Number of Vacuum Holes
  • Precision laser-cut,
  • Norton SG ceramic al
  • Unique fiber-reinfor
  • Water based stearate
• Precision laser-cut, spiral-hole design based on the golden ratio offers maximum dust extraction for cleaner work environment and less potential for contamination and consistent cut throughout the life of the disc
• Norton SG ceramic alumina grain offers superior cut on difficult to sand surfaces, substantially longer life and faster cut than conventional abrasives and quick/cool cut
• Unique fiber-reinforced latex/paper backing for flexible, strong and tear-resistant
• Water based stearate coating offers load resistant for extended product life