Cost Management


Dillon’s Contract Management Team is your single point of contact for multi-site or complex purchasing plans. Our Key Account Representatives collaborate with you and our sales team to ensure consistency, compliance and continuous improvement. We value creating lasting partnerships with our customers and helping you succeed.


  • Contract Discounts
  • Contract Net Pricing
  • Uniform Pricing across a National footprint
  • Uniform Freight terms
  • Standardized product offering
  • Store your critical Assets in our locations for ease of delivery or pick up
  • Manage your key areas or concerns centrally with our one point of contact for: 
    • Contract management
    • KPI management
    • One source for all location orders 
  • One source for all location quotes on non-standard purchases 
  • One source for detailed reporting data on key areas of spen
  • One source for resource deployment: Storage and Handling team, Safety team, MRO team

How we make it all work…

We Connect With You To Listen

Connect Our Resources

customize solution

Customize Your Solution

Track and evaluate

Track And Evaluate


We at Dillon consider ourselves Productivity Engineers. Dillon is your only source in the market that can help you create a productivity plan on both Indirect MRO Safety products and Steel products.

Key features:

  • Take the Cost out of doing business:
    • EASE of business with centralized ordering, invoicing, and quoting over MRO Safety and Steel – even for the busy Construction world!
  • Drive cost out with our expertise in the market
    • Product substitutions for best fit
    • Product Standardization to help your cost position
    • Utilizing the newest product technology – We bring Manufacturing experts to you to analyzie areas for improvement
  • Logistics: Dillon can ship nationally and deliver regionally from our local locations.
    • Store your Critical items in our local warehouses and avoid heavy inventory costs
    • Just in time inventory with local delivery
    • Stock emergency spare parts
    • For our Safety offering we stock hundreds of customer logoed products so you can order that one hardhat to keep your new employee going or the 100 vests to start the job fast.
  • Purchasing perks
    • Volume discounts
    • Locked in pricing
    • Reward Programs
    • Vendor Consolidation
    • Data reporting:  A vast majority of companies today do not use their purchasing history to make improved future investments with their inventory dollars.   We create custom purchase reporting to help you see the critical numbers fast and make decisions that will help your business.

The Proof Is In The Results

Our results speak for themselves:

  • National Protein Rendering Company
    Cost savings 1st year savings safety agreement — $288,000
  • National Casket Manufacturer
    Total annual Project Cost Savings — $60,000
  • Regional Drywall Contractor
    2nd year savings by leveraging volumes with MFGs — $21,200
  • National Perfume Manufacturer
    Suggested new Bulk Rack Storage system to reduce annual repairs Estimated annual cost savings — $100,000 over 2 years
  • National Fabrication Company
    Leveraged abrasive products with vendors for better cost position Cost savings on total abrasive spend — $200,000



Dillon’s e-shop allows you access to a custom-built purchasing guide/shopping list. This streamlines your process, making ordering easy and consistent for your team. You can also restrict or limit purchases based on your internal procurement structure, tiered approval process or by strategic product selection. Dillon’s e-shop program allows customers to have custom or logoed gear easily displayed on the web for ease of selection.

  • P-Card Support
  • ERP integration
  • EDI
  • CXML
  • Ariba
  • Web-based punchout
  • Paperless Invoicing