Your Safety Is Our Top Priority

At Dillon Supply, we are prepared to provide the right solution and product expertise to help your company with safety compliance and OSHA standards/changes. Our goal in being a trusted safety partner is to assure your employees work productively and safely. We offer a full line of personal protective and work area equipment as well as training programs/services to help fulfill your safety requirements.


Safety Training & Services

Our 4 Safety Specialists are QSSP (Qualified Safety Sales Professional) trained with over 100 years of combined experience to assist you in assessments, compliance, product selection, training and additional services. Identifying cost savings and reducing injuries is their primary focus.


Comprehensive Product Line

Dillon offers a premium line of PPE, environmental and workplace safety products from best-in-class quality manufacturers.

Sample of manufacturers:

  • PIP
  • MCR
  • Honeywell
  • SafeWaze
  • 3M
  • Radians


*Some are fee based

Confined Space Training/Rescue

8 Hour or customized training reviewing confined space osha regulations, rescue regulations, and application of various confined space/rescue skill training is included.

OSHA 10 and 30 hour

Offerings include both construction and/or general industry-classroom course. 10 Hour participants will take a pre-test followed up by class work on required and selected osha topics.

Hazwoper 40/24 hour

Designed for people performing emergency response, cleanup and transportation or other activities involving hazardous materials.

Hazwoper Refresher 8 hour

People with 40 or 24 hour hazwoper certifications must take a refresher course annually.

ARC Flash

This is custom tailored for anyone working near or on electricity. Topics include flash protection boundaries, ppe, hazard/risk category classifications, shock hazard boundaries, shock/electrocution in relation to the body and safe work practices/procedures.


This includes key components of the program, elements of procedures/inspection, group lockout steps in testing the equipment, importance of best practices.

Lockout/Tagout Train the Trainer

This course helps prepare your employees to become lockout trainers to effectively engage employees and facilitate classroom and on-hands on training.

First Aid/CPR/BBP

The courses are intended for corporate first responders in manufacturing, construction and for safety personnel. The training meets the OSHA requirement on first aid. CPR/AED prepares individuals how to respond to chocking, breathing, cardiac emergencies and using an AED. Blood borne pathogens-designed for those who are at risk for on the job exposure to blood and other bodily fluids in the workplace. The course includes training on how BBP are spread, how to avoid exposure and what to if exposed to infectious material.

Hazard Communication

Topics include an overview of HAZ-comm standards, requirements/responsibilities, training requirements, how to make a hazard determination, hazard chemical characteristics, container labeling/warnings, safety data sheets, hazard prevention/minimization, preparedness and exposure monitoring plans.


NEW! Covid-19 Related Services

Providing relevant services to help businesses and organizations fight against Covid-19 (Coronavirus), to ensure the safety and well-being of the employees and/or customers of our partners. READ MORE [pdf]

Hand Protection Services

Hand protection is often the largest safety expenditure in a company. We can make on site visits to assess hazards, review current hand protection products and make suggestions to provide increase production, worker compliance and potential cost savings.

Fall Protection Assessment

Services include fall protection hazard analysis, site surveys and product testing. A full array of certified training courses are also available to assist you being compliant with OSHA training requirements.

Respiratory Fit Testing

Fit testing ensures you have a proper fit and seal for a respirator. An improper fit can expose your employees to gas, vapors, dusts and fumes. Our specialists are fully trained in the proper fit testing of respirators.

Hazardous Storage Surveys

This process addresses concerns with handling hazardous liquids. It includes storage, transfers, use, disposal and evaluation. The results can prevent fires, injuries to the workforce, protect the environment and assure compliance to osha and epa regulations.

Matting Surveys/Evaluation

An investment in a safe and comfortable environment can yield positive results keeping your employees healthy, productive and happy. We can help you meet your safety, productivity and budgetary goals with onsite assessments.

Lockout/Tagout Services

A walk thru identifies and provides a snapshot of the equipment requiring lockouts you have on site. An assessment provides you with a detailed lockout equipment list, identfying equipment type and the exact # of isolation points. Services also include establishing written procedures and templates.

Arc Flash Assessment

This can be a time consuming project for your safety team. Our engineer partners can perform the assessment and provide a detailed report including your single line diagram and install proper labeling. We can also assist in ppe selection//evalution.

Hearing Conservation

Services include mobile audiometric testing, web based data management, and caohc approved audiometric technican training classes. An evaluation of your current ppe for hearing protection is reviewed/product evaluation/testing.

Noise Surveys

Our partner industrial hygienists provide a wide range of sound level measurement services and program development.

Ergonomic Assessments

Work related musculoskeletor disorders are one of the leading causes of lost workday injury and illness. We offer ergonomic assessments and training to help reduce muscle disorders and repetitive strain injuries.

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