Neutralite Safety Solution, 32oz bottle, 24/cs

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Neutralite Safety Solution is a spray applied buffering solution. Chemical buffers belong to a particular group of chemical compounds that have the ability to alter the pH of acids or bases. They can reduce the pH of alkalis or increase the pH of acids.Neutralite has a preset pH of 5.5 that that matches pH of normal skin.When Neutralite comes in contact with wet cement there is a chemical change. Cement is no longer cement and irritating agents are rendered harmless. Cement Burns can be completely avoided by early application of Neutralite to wet cement contaminated skin. Affected areas should be drench sprayed within a few minutes of contamination. Wet cement contaminated clothing, gloves and boots should be removed and/or neutralized with Neutralite Safety Solution.

Routine work day:
Use of Neutralite [3,4,5,6 times a day] can easily reverse the progression of Chronic Cement Dermatitis and return skin health to the user. Neutralite Safety Solution is not a barrier type product that is applied before going to work thinking it will protect you all day. It won’t. It must be applied after each contamination. IT SHOULD BE NOTED: The tool wash bucket water is as alkaline and dangerous as wet cement itself. Neutralize skin after washing tools.

Neutralite Safety Solution is not a medicine, it simply and safely neutralizes irritating agents found in wet cement.