PA CU-E18RB4U - 18,000 4-Way Ceiling Cassette Outdoor Heat Pump Unit 208/230/1 - 17.5 SEER

16710116 MFG #: PA-CU-E18RB4U
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PRODUCT DETAILS Panasonic 4-Way Ceiling Cassette heating and cooling single-zone mini-split air conditioners. Provides 4 directional air flow from a flush to ceiling inset units. Indoor unit operates with single and multi-zone outdoor units. KEY FEATURES CS- E18RB4UW Indoor unit (use w/ single or multi zone outdoor); CU-E18RB4U Outdoor unit (single zone) Plus CZ-BT20U indoor grille sold separately Cooling Capacity: 17,500 (4,400 – 18,700) Btu/h; Heating Capacity: 24,400 (4,400 – 21,000) Btu/h SEER 17.5 / EER 10.25 / HSPF 8.5 Wireless controller included; Wired controller option: CZ-RD52CU; WIFI option available