Sprayon® Sprayon® S00103000 Rust Breaker® LU103 Heavy Duty Rust Penetrant, 10 oz Aerosol Can, Liquid, Amber, 0.8

03900103 MFG #: S00103000
Sprayon® Sprayon® Rust Penetrant, Heavy Duty, Series: Rust Breaker® LU103, Aerosol Can, 10 oz, Composition: Aliphatic Solvent, Heavy Paraffinic Oil, Calcium Dinonylnaphthalene Sulfonate, Carbon Dioxide, Liquid, Amber, Vanilla, -20 to 550 deg F, 0.8 Specific Gravity, 205 deg F Flash, 0.8325 VOC, 313 sus at 100 deg F Viscosity
  • Inhibits corrosion o
  • This high performanc
  • Jet stream sprays up
  • Contains no CFCs, HC
  • Fast acting, creep p
  • Equipped with easy-a
  • High flash point, hi
  • Higher water displac
  • 47.4 kV di-electric
  • 13.5 kPa vapor press
  • Rust penetrant aeros
  • 0.85% VOC content
• Inhibits corrosion on unpainted metal surfaces
• This high performance, non-flammable penetrant is transparent and non-staining
• Jet stream sprays up to 2 ft for safe, accurate application
• Contains no CFCs, HCFCs, chlorinated solvents or O.D.P
• Fast acting, creep properties
• Equipped with easy-action tilt-spray valve
• High flash point, high dielectric strength
• Higher water displacement, greater temperature range and higher penetration as tested by wicking
• 47.4 kV di-electric strength
• 13.5 kPa vapor pressure
• Rust penetrant aerosol also displaces moisture and acts as a corrosion preventative
• 0.85% VOC content