Sprayon® S00708000 LU™208 Extreme Pressure High Performance Dry Lubricant, 16 oz Aerosol Can, Liquid, White, 0.64

03900708 MFG #: S00708000
Sprayon® Dry Lubricant, Extreme Pressure High Performance, Series: LU™208, Aerosol Can, 16 oz, 10 oz Net Weight, PTFE Base, Composition: Heptane, Branched, Cyclic, Linear, Propane, Butane, Heptane, 2-Propanol, Toluene, Liquid, White, Mild Solvent, 12 to 646 deg F, 0.64 Specific Gravity, -20.2 deg F Flash, 0.009841 VOC, <7 cSt Viscosity, Flammability: 4
  • Safe on most plastic
  • Lowest coefficient o
  • Dries quickly to a w
  • Extremely low static
  • Reduces storage and
  • Has great anti-stick
  • Penetrant, water dis
  • Rust inhibitor
  • 3 years shelf life
• Safe on most plastics
• Lowest coefficient of friction
• Dries quickly to a white film to show coverage
• Extremely low static coefficient of friction for when low speeds and light loads are involved
• Reduces storage and disposal costs
• Has great anti-stick properties for use as an effective release agent
• Penetrant, water displacer
• Rust inhibitor
• 3 years shelf life