Coronavirus - Covid-19

Covid-19 Updates

Company Update 4/13/2020

Dear Valued Customers and Business Partners,

When you enter our locations today you will note the changes made to reflect the most up to date local, state, and national guidelines surrounding social distancing. While the changes will provide you with a safer environment our dedicated teams are there to provide the utmost customer service and expedite your orders in order to allow you to be able to practice social distancing in safeguarding yourself and others.

For this week’s update I would like to take some time to thank all of the service workers that are keeping this Country going during this difficult time. 

Thank you to all of the medical personnel, the nurses, doctors, delivery services, retailers, construction workers, and all levels and layers of public service workers that enter the front lines every day. 

I speak humbly from The Dillon Family and offer our sincerest gratitude because you continue to show up and serve. 

Like most of you we have not set idle in the face of the challenges ahead to our families and business. 

Dillon Supply has kept a sharp awareness to the situation and has invested heavily in many of the Safety and Sanitation items like - Masks, gloves, sanitizers, and disinfectants related to COVID-19.

The Dillon team knows this reinforcement of inventory is both essential and necessary as we look ahead to what may be a new normal. 

Please visit our website or call your local service representative to find out more about these products and services. 

Thank you for the continued support and we will claim victory over this challenge together. 

Andy Daughtry
General Manager
Dillon Supply Company